Social media, entertainment, bullies, and peers speak loudly about who you are, but there is a true identity you were meant to walk victoriously in. Depression, anxiety, stress, social issues, and self-harm are calling you to find this victorious identity. Christ offered and promises abundant life for teens as well as adults. Healing Journey provides a safe place to be heard and to heal as teens discover their true worth and identity.


Whether you’re newly married, married a while and want to make your relationship stronger, or you’ve found yourself in stress or crisis mode, renewal and growth is never too far away for God. What is impossible for man is possible for Him. It may have been a bumpy trail at times, but the relationship you hoped for can be experienced as you seek Him together.


Life can be busy and demanding. The “do” seems to drain your “be” as you try to keep up or measure up. This can lead to a variety of emotional problems, marital problems, health problems, and we all cope in different ways. We provide a safe place to share as you seek peace in the midst of your circumstances. We meet you where you are and journey with you.

Spiritual Direction

The pace of life can make it difficult to rest and experience God. Spiritual Direction sessions provide a safe place to effortlessly position you to pay attention to God’s personal communication, to respond to this personally communicating God, and to grow in intimacy with Him. Oftentimes you find invitations, revelations, and intimacy with Him that is outside your box.

Premarital Counseling

Two becoming one is a big deal even if it’s just learning how to handle socks on the floor or a burnt turkey. We want your relationship expectations and communication to be healthy in order to position you to grow together. Utilizing the Prepare Enrich program, we partner with you through this new leg of your journey.


Online Counseling

Not available to meet in person? Don’t let that keep you from receiving the counseling you want. With a computer, tablet, or phone that has video capability, you can still meet with a counselor.

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